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Beta Version
v4.1 - 19 Nov 2021
(7,009,151 bytes)

The beta file must
not be distributed
or linked in any way

The file linked from this page is a beta test version of MailMaint. The beta version is made available to those that have experienced problems in MailMaint, to ensure such problems are fixed before an official release. Please make sure you keep your previous version of MailMaint, in case you need to downgrade.

Features and bug Fixes in beta 19th November 2021

1 - Ensure that Unicode BOMs are not written to any of the files used by MailMaint, to avoid compatability problems with other applications like DUN Manager. If the files that stores sequential numbers get corrupted, restart with a random number, also retry if the file is busy.

2 - MailMaint now uses the latest OpenSSL 3.0 version with the latest security fixes. The latest SSL/TLS certificate root bundle is included.

3 - The versions for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 are now displayed correctly.

If you notice any problems with this beta release, please email with details of the problem and the date of the beta version you are using.

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